Welcome to Derveshes of DMV!
This website belongs to a private group of truth seekers who use practices from different traditions of meditation as well as internal martial arts to cultivate their self with the objective of enlightenment and becoming a source of positive change.

While we come from diverse traditions and use vastly different training methods, the following four elements are common to us as group:
holding oneself accountable to a higher, almost unattainable, ideal;
practical introspection through rigorous, even painful, purification methods;
physical and mental conditioning through zealous pursuit of a circular and/or internal martial art; and
spiritual discovery through sacred sexuality training and practice.
A teacher is considered to be extremely important to make advancements in such training. While we do not have a formal teacher/student structure in our group, we have a group leader who is available for mentoring if needed and requested. Specifically, those in early stages of their practice are encouraged to take advantage of the available mentoring.

Please note that due to the nature of our practices we keep an extremely low profile. If you are interested in joining our group, please provide details about background, reasons for pursuing such arduous training, and other relevant details as you think appropriate to dervesh@dervesh.org and someone from our group will respond to you. Please note that there are no monetary costs associated with joining us or practicing with us.