Example of Daily Training
6.00 am
Gently wake up and remind yourself that you are now awake to work the grogginess out of your mind
Perform morning ablutions in a calm quiet and aware manner while paying attention to details

6.30 am
Seated meditation for 15 mins focused on breath for 15-30 mins

7.00 am
Martial training for 1 hour

8.00 am
Join the world of "normalcy" with the awareness that was awakened during the morning training

1.00 pm
Sprint/walk 1-2 miles with exercises like push-ups, crunches, squats and lunges making sure that you maintain a calm and quiet mind throughout training

2.00 pm
Back to the "normal" world

6.00 pm
Meditate for 1 hour starting with the breath and ending with the breath

9.00 pm
Sacred sexuality practices for 1 hour

10.00 pm
Get in bed and focus on sleeping